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is revealed to Scanlon of Internal Affairs. This fourth wall would be featured periodically throughout the final season. Subverted when a shamefaced Gardeno admits to Barney that it was an accident; he knocked down Chano not to take the bullet for him, but because he was turning to run away. As Bernice Fish comes in, he lets loose with a passage from the Old Testament. Despite his endless moaning, he can't stand the thought of his impending retirement. The witness was right the first batch was poisoned!

Chekhov's Gun : A literal gun, namely an antique rifle that Wojo finds behind a wall in "Bones". Yemana was among the first regular adult characters.S. Identical Stranger : A man with curly brown hair and glasses is arrested for making a scene when his specimen at a sperm bank is ruined. Internal Affairs : As in every other cop show, IA is the enemy. Percussive Maintenance : In "Stress Analyzer a stress measurement device is strapped to Dietrich just before he goes to investigate a disturbance with Levitt. He had quit 3 years previously, and that cigarette was left over from before he quit. " Diagonal Billing : During the show's second season (1975-76 in one of the earliest examples of this on television: Ron Glass and Jack Soo are billed together in the opening titles (having been Promoted to Opening Titles. Fish (Abe Vigoda an elderly and dyspeptic complainer who alternately wisecracks about today's batch of criminals or his wife. Zelinka of the prank shop. The character began appearing in a spin-off series, Fish, midway through the third season but didn't leave until the end of it (getting a proper send-off in the fourth season premiere).

When he remembers Chano, Wentworth and Fish, Barney is smiling in fond remembrance. Prison : Barney gets thrown into a cell in two-part episode "Contempt" when he is held in contempt of court for not revealing the identity of a confidential informant. Large Ham : The district attorney, complete with Incoming Ham, pacing around the squadroom ranting about the sympathetic suspects who happen to. Jury and Witness Tampering : A man about to testify in a mob investigation is Properly Paranoid when some ordered sandwiches are delivered to the squad-room. Harris: I like him! He means the Arne Cheyenne Johnson case.

Unusual Euphemism : Harris' many creative names for the mental ward of Bellevue Hospital. He found an unlocked door, which turned out to be the service door of a liquor store that had closed for the night, and woke up driving a subway train. The squad assumes that he's the victim of antisemitism when his shop is vandalized with swastikas until they arrest. Meanwhile, Inspector Luger goes around trying to get people to vote for a friend of his. Obstructive Bureaucrat : Scanlon of Internal Affairs. One perp makes a big deal about how devout a Catholic he is in the hopes that Wojo's Catholic guilt will get him let. See Marital Rape License below.

Appeared twice in Season. One notable instance is in "Smog" after Wojo's "they lost Fish"note not dead, just lost after Fish left the ambulance gaffe. In episode "Heat Wave Detective Wentworth is highly offended when a would-be rapist elbows her aside in order to get at Wojo, who is wearing drag for an anti-mugger sting. In Jo Nesbø's novels of the police murder squad in Norway, Oslo's detective force has its own officer Bjarne Mjølle. It's quickly followed by a report that the man is writing on the windows. Suspect : She called me a pervert.


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Massage homo i oslo real escort pictures Uncoffee : Wojo tries to come up with a coffee substitute during a drought and uses Dietrich's idea of hot. Save for Dietrich, none of them really worked, resulting in Chuck Cunningham Syndrome. If you've seen the show, you're probably humming it to yourself now.
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(Turns out they're being shipped to North Carolina as slave labor.) Doing It for the Art : In-universe when Harris is tasked with making a porno to be used in investigations. It turns out that. This is a multi-episode storyline that ends in "Liquidation" when Harris suffers a devastating court loss and has to cough up 320,000. The Miller apartment has bars on the window and multiple locks on the door. The Dandy : Harris, who always wore expensive, tailored suits, even when he really couldn't afford them on an nypd detective's salary. He particularly annoyed Harris, who didn't appreciate having a rival for being " the Smart One ". Even the Spanish-language station. Prime-time television written specifically for an American of Japanese te In. Will Talk for a Price : The squad keeps a supply of petty cash on hand to pay off informants. Intoxication Ensues : See Mushroom Samba below. Ukraina dating erotisk massasje oslo homo

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New York City 's Greenwich Village, as the detectives booked and processed various suspects. Foil : The very laid-back and good-humored Zatelli to tightly-wound and sycophantic Levitt. New Year Has Come : Season 2's "Happy New Year" takes place on New Year's Eve. Toward the end of the episode, she presented Barney (who at the time was reconciling with his semi-estranged wife) with a talisman. This was a backdoor pilot for a proposed spinoff series called "Off Duty" which would follow the detectives' lives away from work.